Ministries and Outreaches

As our name implies, Champions of the Truth is focused on education, to help Catholics rediscover and embrace the magnificent heritage of our holy religion, and, to invite non-Catholics to discover the same. We accomplish our mission by:

Making the best Catholic books available, particularly on the topics of Apologetics (explaining and defending the Catholic faith), History (Americans — Catholic and otherwise — do not know the foundation upon which our culture is built), Philosophy (we cannot reach God except by first standing on the natural truths that he built into our nature), Theology (learning and embracing the truths that God reveals), and the Spritual Life (allowing the Church and her holy heroes, the saints, to teach us how to life).

Putting you in contact with great Catholic teachers of today, through video and audio. Champions of the Truth has been recording catholic conferences for 15 years, capturing this great contact in audio, and increasingly, in hi-defintion video.

Reaching out to the public at large through billboards. is a Pro-life outreach of Champions of the Truth. To learn more about this outreach, click here.