James and Ruth Louviere

James and Ruth Louviere founded Champions of the Truth in 1993, to help in some small way to rebuild a Christian Civilization. This movement is not the promotion of an ideology or a political process — as important as those efforts might be — but rather, to cause the transformation of society one soul at a time, by inviting and encouraging everyone to become practicing Catholics, that is, to believe what Jesus teaches and live as he commands, as the Catholic church proposes. This “Truth,” that we are to surrender to includes all the teachings just mentioned, but is intimately more than that — it is centered in the Person of Our Lord, who is inexorably and forever connected in his body and in his mission to his Mother. Our logo symbolizes our quest, to be heroic champions in the service of so great a Lord and Lady, and tirelessly work to restore their rights as King and Queen of all hearts and all nations. Come, let us stand underneath the three crosses of Calvary as faithful companions of Mary and Jesus, so we may share in their suffering and triumph and be born into the family of God.